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Welcome to my official website. I'm Álvaro González, currently playing for Al-Nassr. My position on the pitch is centre-back and I wear the yellow jersey with the number 21.

Let's go together!





Al nassr Fc

On 30 August 2022, I signed my contract with Al-Nassr, a historic club in the Saudi professional football league, to join a sporting experience that contrasts with my recent career and gives it a more international character. Al-Nassr has an exciting proposition for the development of football in Saudi Arabia and I am sure that together we will succeed in rewriting history.

Business Man

With an open and entrepreneurial mindset. The sum of the commitment to my career as a footballer and the motivation for what will come next are the result of the person I am today. I am in constant training to remain linked to the football atmosphere and I also enjoy participating in the growth and expansion of business models in alternative sectors to sports.


If you want to know how did i get there alone there is an answer: my family.

Look at life from the prism of gratitude. Knowing that I have materialized the impossible, touching with the tips of my fingers what one day, like so many other boys, I dreamed of. Understanding that without my family I would not have arrived. Because I am determination and will, but my family is the focus and center, cause and motive, of all the good that football has given me.


My roots, the green, the mountain, Potes. Not much more to say. The sum of where I come from to always know where I am going. An origin that was never an obstacle. A provenance that determined my passion for soccer and above all fueled the effort to fulfill my dreams.